NEPA Paranormal is very happy to announce we have been approved and are officially a member of the TAPS family. This has been a team goal for many years, and we are thrilled to have finally achieved it. We are very much looking forward to all this opportunity entails including forming new friendship and relationships in the field, learning from all the other great teams within the family, and most importantly, expanding out client base and reaching and helping more people. Our team is very excited to start this new adventure!

Welcome to the official website of NEPA Paranormal as featured on "Ghost Adventures"
Season 2 Castilla De San Marcos and "The Haunting" Curse of the Black Horse Inn and
now FOX 56.  Founded in December 2007 by Katie Christopher, Bob Christopher and
Mike M., we are a group of paranormal investigators from the Northeastern & Lehigh
Valley areas of Pennsylvania. We cover all of N.E. Pennsylvania  and surrounding areas.
We take a scientific approach to the paranormal.  We understand that when we come into
a home or business and investigate with professional equipment that you, the client,
deserve nothing but a professional attitude and scientific analysis. 
We always carry the mindset that a place is not haunted, and will not deem a 
location haunted without concrete evidence.  We will also try to recreate all claims
of paranormal activity to find logical and human explanations (also known as
"debunking".)  We guarantee that any and all evidence found in an investigation is
authentic and was not altered in any way. We also guarantee complete confidentiality
to all of our clients upon their request. We will not share any of your information without
your written consent.  

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