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1-Avondale Mine Disaster
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4-Wilkes-Barre Cemetery
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Gettysburg 2010
46-Beaver Falls, Pa.
57-Rolling Hills Asylum
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Our Best Evidence
9-West Mountain Sanitarium


The History:
West Mountain Sanitarium, opened its doors on January 26th 1903 and was a hospital that housed patients suffering from Tuberculosis. It was expanded in 1932, and noted for some state of the art treatments. One of these "treatments" entailed forcing patients to stay outside even in the freezing winter for the fresh air, feeling it would help cleanse their system of germs and viruses. The hospital was officially closed in 1974. Since then, vandals have taken to the place and set fires which has left the place in shambles. There has also been sitings of satanic rituals being performed in the fields and whats left of the buildings in the dead of night. While there haven't been patients there in decades, some claim that their spirits still wander the grounds to this day, and NEPA Paranormal was up to the challenge of finding out for sure.

We set out at about 7:00 and our investigation went on until about 11:00pm. The place was in ruins, but still quite a sight. We did catch some interesting pictures and EVP's which are detailed below.




The next few pictures were taken in the basement of the men's wing. The air in there was so thick, it felt like you could cut right through it. After being in there for a few moments, a strange mist rolled in and became so strong that you couldn't see a few feet in front of you. Just as fast as it came, it disappeared, only to reappear a few minutes later. The next few pictures were taken one after another in about a five minute period. You can see the mist form, become thicker, and then completely disappear. This happened several times in this particular basement. These pictures are just one example.

In this next group of pictures, you can see some examples of the mist again as Bob takes some EMF readings.



This next picture shows what seems to be faces looking at us through the holes in the wall. You will see one in the hole to the far left of the picture, and another on the right hand side of the picture in the hole to right of the corner of the room. This is a clear example of matrixing,not paranormal.


These last pictures show what we believe to be some type of apparition. It is a white transparent figure that appears to be a woman in a white dress on the porch of this building. The next picture shows the figure again, but it looks like she turned to the side a bit. The last picture shows the porch one last time, but there is no one there. Again they are ind of hard to see in this smaller version of the picture, so you may want to enlarge them to see more clearly.



             In this first EVP, you will hear Kelly say "That was me" followed by a whisper "and me"


In this one, Kelly says "Is there anybody here with us?" The response seems to be "Anna Christa" It is said in a thick Italian accent.



In this one, Mike says "Something hit me in the arm, I was trying to figure out what it was" Katie starts to respond, and you can hear a voice over hers that says "Are we dead"



In this next EVP, Mike is asking if anyone likes to sit down by a pond we saw. After he says I don't know if there was tree there when you were here, a voice responds "Shut Up" This was especially funny because this is cut up to only the sentence Mike says before the EVP, but on the full recording, Mike was talking for about a full 5 minutes. I guess ghosts do have a sense of humor...

             In this one, Mike says "Who's here with us?" A voice responds "Somethings wrong"



In this last one, Mike says "How many of you are still here?" The response is "There's lots of us"