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Our Best Evidence
13-Private Scranton Residence
NEPA Paranormal recently investigated a private residence in Scranton. Coming into the case, we were given some pretty disturbing claims. This dwelling is occupied by an 83 year old religious woman.  Some experiences included clicking noises in the attic, as well as spirit voices talking to and scaring this woman. Some examples of what she was hearing: "666" "I'm the devil"  "Are you sexy?" The voice also mocked her when she was saying her prayers. She even went as far as to leave the state for a few nights, and she hear the voices that night thousands of miles away from home. This woman’s daughter also heard something pounding on the ceiling of the closet that leads to the attic as well. 


Immediately we knew we had quite a challenge ahead of us, but after speaking to the woman ourselves, and seeing that she was indeed in sound mind, and quite frankly smart as a whip, we could sense the fear in her, and we couldn't turn our backs on this case. We got right to work.


The Invesigation;

We had quite a few personal experiences in this home. Activity started before we even began the investigation! In setting up the equipment, there was an attic we wanted to put a camera in, but the entrance was in a very Small closet, and just barely big enough to fit your head in. Because of the tight space, we thought it would be easier to just reach up and place the camera on a beam, and use the monitor to position it, rather than risking someone get stuck. Katie volunteered to position the camera, and no sooner did she stick her hand in the entrance, she felt a cold bony hand clamp down on her hand. We then sent Bob up to try it out, and he had a similar experience. Later in the night towards the end of the investigation, Kelly also put her hand up there and witnessed the same thing, however her experience was accompanied by a very drastic temperature decrease, and a piece of video evidence which are both detailed below in the Pictures, and Video portion of this page. Another personal experience we had was when we took a break at about 9:45 in the evening.  The entire team was down stairs in the living room.  At that time, the temperature around us dropped by 12 degrees (from 66F to 54F).  Minutes later we all heard the sound of something pounding on the walls of the house upstairs.  It also sounded like something was moving furniture around.


These next two pictures show the temperature drop when Kelly had her experience in the attic. Take special not of the times on the pictures, and you can see not only how drastic of a drop it was, but also how quickly it happened.

Here's Kelly doing some EMF work in the basement and we were not to surprised to find a high EMF reading.Older houses all seem to have some wires or these transformers as seen in the picture giving off a high EMF.





This EVP was caught on our taped interview with the client.When this happens you can bet that there is a lot of activity there.It sounds like it's mocking the client saying "ya know"


In this first EVP, you will hear a voice whisper "Help me" after Bob stops talking.



 In this next track, you will hear a voice at the end seem to say the name "Tonya"



In the next EVP, you will hear Kelly say "Bob and Kelly leaving the basement" You will then hear a voice say "Bye"



 In this last track, you will hear what sounds like a few footsteps, and you will also hear us acknowledge them as they happen



In this EVP Bob & Kelly are upstairs and after Kelly coughs you hear something say "you get out" and Bob hears it.



In these next two EVP's you'll hear the weird clicking sound,it did sound like someone clicking an ink pen.These clicking sounds were spread out our entire investigation.Al tho we didn't hear it at the time of the investigation,we did try to debunk it when we went back.Unfortunately we came up with nothing.










Here is a video of Bob & Kelly when the closet door closed and latched.Now remember they are sitting in complete darkness,the IR cameras light up the room.


In this video it is in the entrance to the attic,Kelly puts here hand up there trying to experience what Bob & Katie did.Being Touched




Conclusion: This case is now closed;after a year long battle,house blessings ,energy clearings,priests,native american rituals,finally our psychic Lauri Moore gets the spirit to cross.We are proud to say,there is no activity now.Watch the video below.