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Thermal Imaging

Written By Chantel

Thermal Imaging is a form of infrared imaging. These unique cameras are designed to detect radiation in the infrared range. Infrared radiation is released by all objects based on how hot or cold they are. The amount of radiation being emitted by an object increases with temperature. Thermal Imaging allows you to see these variations in temperature. While using one of these cameras, you will see warm objects backed by cooler backgrounds. People and other warm-blooded species are easily observed against the background of their environment. These cameras can be used during the day or night. Thermography is used in military, security services and also utilized by hunters.
In essence, thermal imaging cameras are useful in paranormal investigations because they can detect hot and cold spots. If a spirit comes into view, they may show up as a hot spot against the cold background. Colder areas are darker in color and warmer areas are lighter in color. They also do a very good job at debunking "cold spots" in an area because they are able to detect what the naked eye cannot, i.e. drafts. Thermal imaging cameras are also very pricey and the cost can run into the thousands.