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Written by Katie

Wikipedia defines a cold spot as a term used to describe an unexplained area of localized coldness, or sudden drops in temperature, that are said to be the result of paranormal activity.

In the paranormal field, cold spots are a sign of paranormal activity. The theory is that a ghost uses energy in the air to manifest itself thus creating a cold spot where the ghost is. A cold spot does not prove the existence of a ghost, as there are many rational explanations for cold spots such as drafts, vents, open windows, and appliances or other items in a home that can have an effect on the temperature in a certain area of a location. If all of these factors can be ruled out, the cold spot in question could be a sign of paranormal activity.

In this investigators opinion, cold spots can be used to help prove a paranormal presence, however, they must also be taken with a grain of salt, as there are so many rational explanations. Perhaps finding a cold spot and pairing it with other evidence found at the same time can help solidify that it truly is some type of paranormal phenomenon.