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Three Types of Hauntings

Three Types of Hauntings
Written by Katie

In a haunting, there are three different types of ghosts you can be dealing with. Each is unique in its own way, and subsequently there is a different way of handling each of them.

The first being residual which is kind of like a movie that is being played over and over again. This haunting is not really a ghost, it just the energy left behind, and it is simply playing a part of its life over and over again. Generally this is harmless, as it is not aware of you.

The second is intelligent, These spirits are fully aware of their surroundings and of you, they are usually there because your home used to be their home, and they are unhappy that someone else is there, they can also have an emotional attachment to someone or something at your residence. They may have a message to send before they move on, or they may just not have accepted the fact that they are no longer alive and don't want to move on. Whatever the reason may be, they know they are there and generally they don't want to leave.

The third type of haunting is an inhuman haunting. These are generally classified as poltergeists. Poltergeist style hauntings are the types most people are familiar with. They tend to center around objects moving, knocking sounds, doors slamming, and as it gets stronger, it may even produce voices, and full body apparitions. Most poltergeists center around one person who research has shown is usually a female in her teens. The girl is actually subconsciously manifesting the energy. It is common that this can happen after a very tragic or shocking event, however there are also cases where there were no emotional problems at all. If this is not the case, poltergeist have also been formed by a group of spirits combining all of their energy together to form one stronger spirit.

Inhuman hauntings are also the category a more frightening ghost falls under which is a demon. These instances are rare, but not to be trifled with. They are very dangerous. Generally a demon would have been invited in in some way, perhaps unknowingly. Today Ouija boards, and séances are used for entertainment, however they should never be. These can create portals for a demon to enter your home. They can also be invited in through through any type of satanic ritual. While extremely rare, these entities should never be taken lightly, if you feel you have a demon in your home or business, please seek help immediately.

***Please note that this was not written to scare anyone, it is merely meant to be informative. It is meant to give readers a better understanding of what we look for, as well as a better understanding of what's going on to those who are experiencing paranormal activity.