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 NEPA Paranormal is a group of 13 investigators all out to seek the truth. We have all come together with our own paranormal experiences and questions, and we all want to see what we can find out there. We do believe the paranormal exists, and want some answers.

We also understand how terrifying a paranormal experience can be. We have all had them on some level, which is why we founded NEPA Paranormal. Research into the field has changed us from finding ghosts scary to finding them fascinating. We understand that this change is not an easy one to make, so we have dedicated ourselves to helping others by investigating, capturing paranormal activity, and taking steps to help rid a ghost from a residence. We also want to help others understand what they are experiencing. Upon accepting a case, it is our mission to help our clients through their experiences. You don't have to handle it alone, and we will do our best to assist. 

Here is a little more detailed description of what we do on a case. We will come into your home, and conduct an interview. Just a series of questions designed for us to find out what you're experiencing in detail, and where in your home it's happening. We then will do our investigation. During the investigation, we are looking to capture anything out of the ordinary that we cannot define by any normal means. We use professional equipment, including, but not limited to Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors, which measure the electromagnetic energy in the air. This goes along with the theory that ghosts are energy, so any spikes in this reading that are not given off by anything natural could be a clue to something paranormal, EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, recorders which pick up disembodied sounds, or sounds that the human ear cannot hear, or did not hear at the particular time of the recording, Infrared Video cameras, Digital Cameras, and everyday things like flashlights, notebooks etc. After our investigation, our team will review all of our evidence to see if we found anything paranormal. We may also do some brief research on the history of your home/business to see if anything that happened in the past could be affecting what you are experiencing now. If it is concluded that you have paranormal activity in your home, we will then take the steps needed to rid the ghost(s) from your home. We do have different methods for this depending on the type of haunting*** it is concluded that is going on.  We do offer house cleansings or energy clearings*** (you can choose either of the two based on your beliefs) in order to rid your home/business of any type of haunting we may find.