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Written by Katie

EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. An EVP is a mysterious event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source are heard. They are usually captured using some type of recorder such as a cassette recorder or a digital voice recorder. Generally one will not hear the sounds while performing an EVP session, however upon review of the recordings, voices will come up that do not belong to anyone who was present while recording was taking place. Responses can be an answer to a question asked, or they could just be something the spirit wants to say. Most are very quiet, as it takes an extreme amount of energy on the spirits part to be able to actually make sound, but others can be very clear. Commonly, an EVP will consist of one word, a short phrase, or just grunts, groans, growling or other vocal noises.

Though out the years, EVP's have been a very controversial form of communicating with a spirit. Many skeptics will credit EVP's to natural causes such as interference with radio frequencies, low-quality equipment, or just plain hoaxes. To some, these theories make perfect sense, and they are comfortable in saying an EVP cannot exist, however NEPA Paranormal has captured EVP's on a number of investigations, and when you are there recording and you know you don't hear any foreign noises, but upon later review, you hear someone talking who you know wasn't there with you, it's impossible not to believe. Because of these experiences, as well as the experiences of other paranormal groups around the world, we believe the EVP's are an extremely effective way to communicate with the other side.