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This page is dedicated to the lighter side of the paranormal.  We take what we do very seriously but there is always room for a little fun.  Here is a list of jokes relating to what we do.  Have fun reading them!  


Bob and Katie have found the "friendly Ghost"


You sleep with a camera next to your bed,...ya know, just in case 

You find an EMF detector next to the remote for the TV. 

Your newest electronic toy is an motion sensor! 

At an event you film the ceiling and places where there are no people. 

You spend as much time looking at the negatives, as you do the prints. 

You're the only one at Aunt Bessie's funeral with an EMF meter and a tape recorder. 

You're watching scary movies with your family and someone asks "Can ghosts really do that?" and you actually have an answer and the explanation. 

Attending a family reunion is a trip to the family plot 

Your friends tell you not to get involved in this stuff, because you may end up having a ghost possess you! 

You spend more time with dead people than the living...but hey, aren't they more fun? 

You sit at the office all day staring at a mini web cam of some deserted boat's engine room waiting for that "ONE PICTURE" instead of getting any of your work done. 

You have more recordings of EVP?s than you do of your favorite music 

You spend all your free time in haunted buildings and cemeteries, talking to the darkness. 

You've been chased away from the Amityville house after disturbing a family barbecue in the backyard 

UPS now delivers your new equipment to the office rather than your home so you don't have to explain to your wife why you need another ghost detector. 

You have more photography equipment than a Japanese tourist 

You are waiting for Reggis to ask, "What is the most Haunted Place on Earth?" 

You take a picture of your entire family and ask any deceased relatives to join in the picture 

You get a new camera and the first thing you do is get rid of the strap. 

You refuse to make friends with people who are skeptics

All the shows programmed on your TV are either about ghosts or the paranormal.
You search the TV for Ghost Shows every time you turn it on and are disappointed when there aren't any.
Special Thanks to Steve from Keyport Paranormal for this list