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Gettysburg 2010
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Our Best Evidence
18-Cliff Park Inn
NEPA Paranormal investigated "The Cliff Park Inn" at 155 Cliff Park Road, Milford,Pa.This was a co-op investigation with P.V.P.A. (Pennsylvania Valley Paranormal Association). We were graciously invited by owner Stephanie, who is an amazing, sweet woman who bent over backwards to accommodate us and we thank her so much for the unforgettable hospitality. The Inn was built in the 1600's it was slowly built up to what it is today.Originally it had 23 rooms,with construction now has 13 rooms that are very spacious.We can personally say these rooms are stunning.Every room has its own uniqueness and no two rooms are a like. The Inn also has a pub(The Cross eyed Cricket) and a nine hole golf course. As far as sight seeing there's a lot to see and you wont be able to see it all in one day.There are two water falls that are higher than Niagara falls and my personal favorite is the look out cliffs,from up there you can see 83 miles in either direction and see the Delaware River below. A 900 foot drop from the cliff, made us stay back a little bit.The staff will take couples up to the look out for romantic picnic lunches.I have to tell you the pictures you see can not describe the view, its just awesome. After a brief ride on the golf carts we were shown the lake(just to let you in on a little secret its stocked with slammer Bass and Trout). They have fine dining and plenty of seating for any event you might have that features Master Chef Graham.You can also get have something to eat at the Pub,better known as "The Cross eyed Cricket".This is were we ate,and it was fantastic(the Angus Burger was out of this world). We then had a chat with Stephanie and we have to say we were very impressed. She new the complete history of the Inn,if we had a question she had the answer.After giving us the run of the hotel, we went to look at some of the rooms, that's when we had our first couple experiences.We heard so much about room 10 that just had to be our first stop.Before we even stuck the key in the door, room 9 next door the handle started to jiggle,as we all paused someone said there must be someone in that room, so we opened the door and there wasn't anyone there.So back to room ten,Sally's room.the claims of Noises,voices,balls of light, seeing her outline on the bed and seeing her apparition threw out the Inn.Also as the story is told that when you leave the room and shut the door if Sally likes you she will open the door back up,which is her way of telling you she wants you to stay,if she doesn't like you she will slam the door.This would a definite room to set up a camera. Which leads us to room 11 claims of furniture being moved was common for this room,but later on when we came back from eating room 11's door was open. Our next place was the main stair case,the lady in brown as she is called.She is seen at anytime of the day or night,she seen walking down the main stair case threw the door,out across the golf coarse and up to were she was believed to have thrown herself off the nine hundred foot cliff. Legend has it she was part of a film crew from the 20's.Douglas Fairbanls Jr. from Brooklyn Studios NY shot silent films at the Inn.Our next ghost was located in the kitchen area,his name Uncle Stew,rumors were that he would throw cans of pineapple juice at certain cooks,needless to say I stayed out of there so that I wouldn't be mistaken for that cook.Uncle Stew had a passion for the Inn and he had an artisan well project that is still in use today.Our last ghost people talk about was Walt.He was a maintains person who really and truly loved what he was doing.Most of the night both groups bounce from room to room,in fact P.V.P.A. had a live web-cast while we were investigating. After eleven things got really quiet and the activity seem to die.We did experience a little bit of KII hits in Sally's room but nothing concrete.We started wrapping it up around one or two.unfortunately the spirits were camera shy this night,so we didn't get any video or pictures of any paranormal activity.But as we listened to the recorders we were amazed at the EVP's we found.

We tried to get all the pictures on this page but couldn't so to see all of our pictures click the link below.



This first EVP Katie and Michelle are in room nine and see flashes outside,its at the end of the clip.Interesting tho we thought it might be the recorder rubbed against the bed but we had the video camera rolling and caught the same EVP on video.

This one was taken in Sally's room and it sound like "don't sit on the bed" guess Sally didn't like us on her bed.

This was in the sitting room,you'll hear Bob say the battery on his camera went dead and you'll a very deep man's voice say "Mine"   "hmmmmmmmm"

And the last EVP is incredible, it's two children playing a word game.The first one say's "broom" the second child say"s "Sticks" then the first sounds like it say's "Real " follow by "Steaks".We were informed later that there was a nursery up stairs were we got this EVP

Again we would like to thank Stephanie for this opportunity and If your looking for an escape this is the place,you will be pampered to no end.
There phone number is (570)296-6491 or 800-225-6535