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Our Best Evidence
21- Mauch Chunk Opera House


Mauch Chunk Opera House History  

The Mauch Chunk Opera House was built in 1881. It was originally used as a farmers market on the first floor, and a theater on the second floor. It opening date was Feb. 4th 1882 It continued to be popular and successful business and in 1927 was purchased by Comerford Amusement. It was renovated, remodeled and went under the name of The Capital Theater. It closed April 27th 1959 and soon after was repurchased and used as a warehouse.Much wear and tear and damage was done to the structure and it appeared to have lost all hope of being the theater it once was. Then it was taken over by the Mauch Chunk Historical Society.After careful restoration,the historical society has turned the place back into the beautiful struckture it once was and is still in operation today.

 The Investigation

Our visit to this location proved to be an interesting one. This location included the opera house, the attached historical society building, a social room which contained a bar area for VIP guests who attended performances there. Other specific areas in the opera house itself were concession areas, hallways, and the attic.The members present for this investigation included Kathy, Bob, Katie, Kelly, Tara, Lauri, and Mike. We were also joined by Jim who signed-up for the investigation at the Peckville library presentation. Since this investigation Jim has joined us in membership at NEPA Paranormal.Most of us had personal experiences at this location. However, the activity was most prevalent away from the stage. The active areas included the balcony, concessions area,hallways, the historical society, the attic, and the social room off of the back stage area. We’ll address these experiences by location.


The Balcony

 The first area that we took our resident medium (Lauri Moore) was to the balcony. She immediately felt the presence of a male who used to work in the opera house as an usher. She said he was non-threatening and was concerned that she wouldn’t trip and fall in the dark. She stated that his name was Ed, but wasn’t sure if his full name was Edwin, Edgar, or Edward.

The Lower Level of the Historical Society

 We had three members walking through this location to do an EVP session. They had a door slam at the bottom of the steps. They had attempted to simulate possibilities to explain this and could not.


Concession Areas and Hallways

 In these areas we had frequent activity with the Ovilus. The Ovilus is also referred to as a ghost box. It simply takes vibrations and EMF energy from the surrounding atmosphere and amplifies it so it can be heard 
immediately.In the upstairs concession areas Lauri said the usher doesn’t like it when you’re late. The Ovilus immediately stated the word "Tardy" which we all know is another term for being late. Mike then carried this piece of equipment down the steps and made it to the first floor. When Mike stepped off the last step this device said the word "restroom". When Mike looked up to see where I was at I was right in front of the ladies room door. Wow! That was pretty cool.

The group was doing an EVP session when I asked the question "Who’s with us this evening?" The Ovilus generated a one syllable word that none us could make out. Upon reviewing the digital recorder we determined that the answer to my question was the word "ghost". You can hear that as well as the EVP right before that saying the same word. This is important because the EVP is validating the output of the ghost box. It is doing exactly what it’s designed to do.


The Attic Area

 Jim and Mike did spend time in the attic. We did see two small lights in the center of the roof. They were about the size of a nickel and only were lit for about 5 seconds.


The Social Room off the Back Stage 

This area was the site of several EVP sessions. One group took a provoking approach and had a camera knocked-over. That group also found an old suitcase in that room with the name Edward Decker on it. Was this a coincidence with Lauri’s experience in the balcony area? You decide…… 


In this first EVP Bob had found an old suitcase and thought that there may be some kind of connection with.So he did a little provoking by saying he was going to take that case home and it was his now.Right afte that his camera on the table slamed down.                                                                                      


This next EVP was in the back room,sounds like a chair sliding and a couple of our investigators hear it.                                                                                 

                                   This one you hear at the end "Dont you Fall"                                 

                                      This one the the spirit say's "found it"                                             

  Kathy ,Katie and Laurie are on the stage doing some EVP work and Kathy hears someone whisper"Mommy"                                

  Here Mike asks if anyone wants to talk to us and our Ovilus replies "Ghost",that was strange.                                              

  Mike again had the Ovilus and was walking past the Ladies room and it say's"Restroom" coinedense?                             

 And this one our Psychic Laurie say's to Mike hurry chop chop the usher dosent like to be  tardy and the ovilus say's"Late"   


                                                             Having way too much fun





We think there is at least one non-threatening entity at the Mauch Chunk Opera House. The empty opera house, stormy night, and personal experiences made for an interesting evening.