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Our Best Evidence
39-Wilkes-Barre City Residence

Hazle St
A recent call found NEPA Paranormal at a private residence in the Wilkes-Barre area. The clients were becoming frightened by a potential presence in their home. They reported seeing shadows, lights turning on and off, random cold spots, and voices. They were unsure who the presence was, however it had become such a regular occurence that they gave him the name "Johnny" to which he seemed responsive to. Our investigation for the most part was fairly quiet. We did not have any interaction with our equipment, however one of the clients, as well as one of our investigaors did feel as if they were being touched in the basement. This alone did not give us the proof we needed to deem the place haunted, but we did pick up a few EVP's which are detailed below.


This first EVP "Katie" is in a room by herself and caught this voice,but we can not make out what exactly it is saying.

                                           This was a wierd tap on the second floor window.


                             Here is an AVP we caught on video but not on the digital recorders.