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The Ghost Detectives
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 Sarah  -  Investigator

Sarah Long is Home Health Aide from Pike County, PA.   As a child she had experiences with the paranormal that frightened her, but as she got older  that fear turned into fascination.  She became a paranormal investigator so that she could help others to get over the fear that they are feeling from their experiences with the unknown.  In her spare time she runs a Facebook page called ‘MyParanormal Life,’ in which she shares interesting articles, photos, videos and other evidence of the supernatural.

Andrew  -  Investigator

Hi all.  My name is Andrew Humphreys. I study mid-level education (social studies) at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, P.A.  I have a summer job as life guard at a local summer camp. Some of my hobbies and past-times are bowling, hunting, watching sports (and playing).  I like to lift weights and work out.  I love to go fishing also and that's just to name a few of my hobbies.
I got into the paranormal field when I was about 15 years old.  I wanted to prove to myself that what I saw when I was a kid was real.  I also wanted to prove to everyone else, who did not believe me, that ghosts exist.  I have been doing investigations on my own now for about 4 years, and I am very excited to get to work with my new group and to help people in need.  I like to take a scientific approach to investigating where I will debunk a claim of activity before I can go ahead and consider it to be paranormal. That is pretty much all there is to know about me!


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