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Our Best Evidence
Gettysburg 2010


Our Investigation of Gettysburg 2010

NEPA Paranormal spent our first weekend in historical Gettysburg to see what kind of ghosts we could encounter. The city of Gettysburg is one of the most amazing places an investigator in our field will ever see, and as far as paranormal activity goes, Gettysburg certainly did not disappoint.  NEPA Paranormal would like to specially thank Larry Phelps of Ghosts of Gettysburg for being our tour guide for the weekend. Your knowledge of the area and patience with all our questions and landmarks we wanted to find were more appreciated than you will ever know. We also appreciate the introduction to Mark Nesbitt who runs Ghosts of Gettysburg. It was truly a treat working with Larry, and we are very eager to meet up again!  Throughout our trip we visited so many places. We also stayed in the Tillie Pierce House and had the opportunity to investigate there into the wee hours of the night.  We started our trip out with a tour of the national park, and saw some of the more well known landmarks of Gettysburg including the site of the Gettysburg address, and the Gettysburg National Cemetery. The girls of NEPA Paranormal also got to do some shopping at the outlets located about a mile from our hotel!

Devil’s Den:
The name Devil’s Den actually had nothing to do at all with the battle of Gettysburg. The main sight of Devil’s Den is a large pile of rocks and boulders. Local lore claimed that a snake of monstrous size lived in the rocks. The townsfolk began to refer to the giant snake simply as “the devil” and the great pile of rocks in which it lived subsequently became known as devil’s den.
On the second day of battle in Gettysburg, the Confederate soldiers staged an attack on the Union at Devil’s Den. There is also a spot of smaller rocks piled up
between to very large boulders that provided somewhat of a shield to one who was behind it, making it a very convenient place for snipers to hide and shoot at their opposing side.

Triangular Field
This area saw many casualties. The field is completely open as was it at the time of the war. Union soldiers perched atop the field behind a stone wall, and as
Confederate soldiers crossed the field, they were easily gunned down. Most of the battle here took place on the third and final day of the Battle of Gettysburg. We also learned that every 10 years or so, a body will exhume itself from the ground due to natural causes. Walking through this field felt completely different than any other place we visited that day. You could truly feel the sadness and depression and pain in the air. Some investigators were almost moved to tears by it. Our visit to the triangular field was a very emotional one, as we began to imagine what the soldiers felt during battle. It was a moment where we all felt very thankful for our troops who fought on our behalf so many years ago, and mourned the loss of so many lives.
As we were leaving the Triangular Field, we also had the pleasure of bumping into best selling paranormal author Troy Taylor who was kind enough to stop and talk
with us, and even pose for a picture!

A Touch of Local History
The national parks in Gettysburg are littered with monuments. You could not travel more than a few feet without seeing a new one. There was one monument in particular though that interested us more than the others. This monument depicts Sergeant Ben Crispen of the 143rd Pennsylvanian Infantry. This Infantry was made up of our local men from Luzerne County. We had a little difficulty locating it, but thanks to our trusty tour guide Larry, we were able to locate it. The monument shows Sergeant Crispen shaking his fist. It is said that the Confederate soldiers dared the Union men to cross the line first. Crispen responded by shaking his fist over the line and was immediately gunned down by one of the Confederate men. His act of bravery is now forever remembered thanks to the beautiful monument dedicated to him.

Tillie Pierce was 15 at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg. 26 years later she published the book At Gettysburg: What a Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle. It has
become one of the most read and most well known accounts of the battle. On that fateful day when the citizens of Gettysburg heard the cry “The rebels are coming!”
through the streets, Tillie’s account tells of how she was in school, and they all heard what was happening, and her teacher dismissed them right away telling them to run home as fast as they could. In her account she recalls seeing the men on their horses coming into the town as she was rushing into her home. She also tells of seeing the rebels demanding from the townspeople whatever they desired, horses, food, water, flour, clothing, alcohol and other supplies. There was no method to their demands either. They simply took whatever they wanted at that particular moment. Tillie along with a neighbor and her children fled the city and made their way to a safe house while her parents and siblings remained. Tillie and her friends took up shelter at the Weikert home. They remained there for the remainder of the first and second day of battle. Tillie took on the task of handing out water to the Union troops passing by. One the last day of battle the fighting was getting closer and closer to the Weikert home. So close that they thought it best to leave and find safety even further away. They came back that same evening as the battle came to an end, and Tillie returned to her home. At the site of the inn the confederate soldiers took up a sort of headquarters along the side of the building where they remained for the battle all the while the remaining members of the Pierce family successfully hid in the home and managed to tend to 5 wounded soldiers. Tillie speaks of returning home to find the wounded soldiers in her home being cared for. Tillie eventually married and moved out of Gettysburg. She spent the remainder of her days in Selinsgrove PA. Her accounts of the horrific battle are both shockingly detailed, and heartbreaking. It takes a remarkable young woman to see all that she did at the young age of 15 and document it all for others to read. Even though Tillie has long since passed on, her memory will always live on through her story that she so bravely shared with the world.  Currently the inn is owned by Keith and Leslie Grandstaff. They renovated the place to the beautiful structure that it is today. It still contains great deal original woodwork and flooring, and furniture. They have truly made it into both a comfortable and historic place to stay, and I believe the Pierce family would be proud to see it in the beautiful condition that it is in.
NEPA Paranormal would like to send out a special thank you to Keith and Leslie for a great experience. The accommodations were wonderful. The inn was more
beautiful than we could have hoped for, and we were not disappointed as far as paranormal experiences go either. They were both very kind and welcoming, and the home cooked breakfast was amazing! We are eagerly looking forward to staying there again!

The evidence we caught in Gettysburg some of the most compelling and amazing we have.Some of this evidence has changed our investigators lives for ever.When your listening or watching our evidence and try to put yourself in our investigators shoes.Please enjoy it,for we enjoy presenting it to you.

Our first AVP was actually heard by both investigators Mark & Katie. They were in the library of the Tillie Pierce Inn.They were experimenting with dowsing rods,Mark pulled a book from the library on the Civil War and was asking questions about the war.Questions that Katie couldn't possibly know the answers to.Well the rods got 9 out of 10 questions right.It was close to AM on the last night we would stay.Everyone was gone to bed except for Katie & Mark ,when they heard this voice no more than five feet from where they were at.This AVP we found out is talking in Pennsylvania Dutch,it says four complete sentences,then you can hear doors slamming. We had our DVR cameras pointed down the hall for three straight days.And where this happened there wasn't anything and we could see all doors in the hotel hall and none of them moved or slammed

Our next AVP happened 2 hours later,after waking Bob up to hear it.They decided not to wake the team only to start debunking.We have recorders going on all floors of the Inn all night.So we started to download all the recorders to eliminate all possibilities.At five am Bob,Mark & Katie heard this voice right outside their hotel room door.It sound exactly like the other voice.

This EVP was captured at "The Grove".This is not part of the Gettysburg national park and can be accessed after dark.We were there on a good night when there wasn't to many people due to the weather.If you listen closely you will hear a man in a southern accent say "Get Off My Ground" followed by a gun shot.

This was caught at the Tillie Pierce Inn on the second night of investigating. It sounds like to spirits saying "Hello" a male and a female and also note the accent of the voice.

This was caught in the attic of the Tillie Pierce,there was a lot of claims of children.As a matter of fact ever room at the Inn has marbles in it for the children to play with.On different occasions we did hear the sound on marbles falling on the floor but when we investigated nothing was there.This EVP sounds like a small child saying the name "MARIA"

The spirits at the Inn consisted intelligent and residual. This spirit seem to be answering us in knocking sounds this went on for a while.

Here is a whisper we just can not make out what it was saying,if you think you know what its saying sign our guest book and let us know.

We took this video in the far room of the Inn,its an EVP of a horse ,whining followed by a man either saying "Woh Woh Woh" or "Go Go GO".We couldn't figure out why would would get a horse EVP on the second floor of the Inn but when we talked to the owners,everything made sense.Back in the civil war that part of the Inn was actually a stable.Enjoy the video.

Our first trip to Gettysburg was quite the success. The city itself is huge, and immediately we were addicted to it. There is so much to see and do, that we barely fit half of it in the entire time we were there, but we had an amazing time, and walked away with some of the most compelling evidence we’ve ever seen. We also got to see some great places, and meet some people who we will not soon forget. The trip also gave our group the chance to spend a great deal of time together, and really bond even more as a paranormal family. Although we were all exhausted and looking forward to going home and getting some sleep, we were all very sad to say goodbye to Gettysburg, and we all can’t wait for our return trip which has already been scheduled!